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Deadline to receive your contribution                                                                                           

 12:00 am at Jan-22-2024

River's Talk is a partnership project between Sanad for Economic Development (SANAD) and The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands ( Netherlands Embassy), the project is a photography initiative capturing the Euphrates / Tigris rivers and other Climate Affected Areas, the project is aimed to increase awareness by exploring the river landscape and the interlinks with cultural and historical significance. These iconic rivers have played a pivotal role in shaping the civilizations that once flourished along their banks, and this project seeks to visually document their captivating stories.

Project Objectives:

The key objectives for the project are:

  • Environmental awareness: Visualize the status of ecological sites seen for the rivers, to raise awareness about the environmental significance of protecting and conserving these vital water bodies.

  • Open discussion: Talking to the different stakeholders (state and no-state actors) i.e. Executive government, civil societies and activists, international agencies , Academic institutions, and Media.

  • Cultural Heritage: Recall the cultural memory of the Iraqi people by striking visual narratives, fostering cross-cultural understanding to encourage preserving the cultural heritage and appreciation of the ancient civilizations.


This is an invitation for individuals residing in Iraq to voluntarily contribute their photographs and narratives depicting the Euphrates or Tigris rivers and other Climate affected areas. Whether taken with a professional camera or a smartphone, we welcome submissions from photographers of all backgrounds. This initiative provides an opportunity for individuals, regardless of their professional affiliation or expertise, to share their perspectives. Whether you identify as an environmental activist or belong to any other profession, we encourage you to share your insights. The Euphrates and Tigris rivers have historically played a pivotal role in shaping civilizations along their banks. This project aims to visually document the compelling stories associated with these significant waterways. 

The top 10 selected photographs will be chosen, printed, and recipients will receive official invitations to a gallery event, during which their images will be showcased to the public. 

The photo criteria should include the following essential information: 

  • Full name 

  • Date 

  • Time 

  • Location 

  • In requesting additional information about the photograph, kindly provide a brief narrative, adhering to a maximum of 250 words, elucidating the photographer's perspective on the image captured. This narrative should encapsulate the photographer's best description, offering insights into the underlying story and their interpretation of what the river or climate affected areas was conveying at the moment the photograph was taken. This thoughtful account will enhance the overall appreciation and understanding of the visual narrative being presented, contributing to a more comprehensive engagement with the artistic and contextual elements of the submitted work.

​We appreciate your contribution to increase awareness about water resources in Iraq and producing exceptional photographic work and look forward to displaying your photo at the upcoming gallery event. 

Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at 

Photos Conditions

All photos must be original work, taken by the entrants. No third party may own or control any materials the photo contains, and the photo must not infringe upon the trademark, copyright, moral rights, intellectual rights, or rights of privacy of any entity or person. 

Resolution and Format: Images must have a minimum resolution of 3000 pixels on the longest side , Preferred file format: JPEG (high quality, low compression). 

Color Profile: sRGB color space is recommended to ensure accurate representation on various display devices. 

File Naming: Each image file should be named using the  following  naming format                                "PhotographerName_Provience.jpg." Example: "AhmedAli_Baghdad.jpg". 

File Size: Individual image file size should not exceed 10 MB to ensure efficient uploading and viewing. 

Composition and Presentation: Images should be well-composed, showcasing solid visual elements , Pay attention to framing, balance, and focal points to create captivating visuals. 

Avoid excessive digital manipulation that alters the essence of the photograph. 

Resolution and Detail: Images should exhibit clarity, sharpness, and fine details in the subject matter, Ensure that any post-processing adjustments do not compromise image quality. 


 note: You can share more than one photo.


Please submit your images, story and details through the email:  

Ensure that your images are correctly labeled and organized before uploading. 

Deadline to receive your contribution is               12:00 am at Jan-22-2024                                          

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